Critical issues ignored by Trump administration, GOP

In our latest government shutdown, the term “a revitalized sense of crisis” was used in media. This is apropos to the overall problem in the U.S.

“Revitalization” began around 2007 when 24-hour news was attempting to distract from the main culprit of our falling economy — Wall Street — to something, or anything, else. Oh yes, go after immigrants. Then and now, Fox News penetrates its airwaves and viewers’ minds with the theme “your lives were not and are still not great . . . until a wall is built.”

During the recession, millions lost jobs and homes. Right-wing propaganda convinced a TV demographic our country’s losses were due to immigrants taking jobs and tax dollars. Forget the billions American taxpayers paid to banks to prevent economic collapse after banking’s implosion.

A sudden immigration problem arose — as if our nation never before had immigrants — as a diversion now zealously promoted by Trump. Presently our nation could be working on reducing, not increasing, the national debt and on ways to thwart climate change, but these critical issues are ignored by this administration and the Republicans cowering behind Trump, all to tear gas spray those who dare penetrate our borders.

Life can always get better, and we can strive for this, just like those striving to come to America, but don’t get distracted by an artificial crisis.

Kelli Lundgren