Forget right and left, we are one country

Side-by-side letter writers who refer to leftists and the right wing illustrate what is wrong with this country. Both parties play to their base.

We need to stop taking sides with knee-jerk emphasis on issues. We are both on the same side. We are one country and need to start acting like one.

We need to start asking what is good for the country and not the base and corporate interests.

We need to be thinking of our democratic principles and not what helps one party or another. All of our leaders need to end gerrymandering, which skews election results.

We need to start practicing common sense. When polls show 80 to 90 percent of all Americans have the same position on a given issue, our legislators need to legislate accordingly.

A writer blasts a “leftist” for “spouting off” on the idea of having 70 percent tax rates on the rich. During Eisenhower’s time the rate was 90 percent. Added revenue built the interstate highway system and helped keep the national debt lower.

Legislators need to recognize that climate change is producing unprecedented hurricanes and dry-brush-fueled wild fires. Common sense dictates we need a higher minimum wage instead of keeping it low to help business. Common sense says we need background checks on gun ownership, another idea supported by a majority of people.

These are centrist ideas which all should support regardless of ideology. These are ideas that put country first.

Norm Bezane