Here’s a short list of what Trump has done

A Jan. 2 letter asked, “What has (Trump) done that is so bad?” A complete answer won’t fit in 250 words, or even 2,500, hence this abbreviated list:

He tells multiple lies every day. He uses name-calling to disparage his opponents. His rambling statements make no sense. He started a harmful trade war. Rather than respecting all Americans, he panders to his base while tearing down everybody else. He derides anyone who doesn’t praise him. He is disdainful of knowledge, eschewing books, experts and multiple information sources in favor of his own preconceived notions and a narrow set of news outlets that support him. He cares not a whit about the environment.

He is fixated on building an ineffective wall instead of addressing the complex immigration problem sensibly. He trashes our allies — and indeed our own military and intelligence services — while praising our enemies. He hides his finances, leading to suspicion of conflicts of interest. He recants on his own statements. The White House is understaffed because few good people remain willing to work for him. He takes credit for others’ accomplishments and for random events, while deflecting blame for his own actions. He does the exact opposite of what Jesus would do (yet evangelicals support him). He robs from the poor and gives to the rich. He shut down the government for a pet project that lacks majority support.

These criticisms can be proven by Trump’s own statements.

Mitch Bradley