High costs force many people to leave Hawaii

Well, there it is folks, they finally are admitting that there are more people leaving Hawaii then there are people moving here. I’ve said it for years, we are the biggest democratic, unionized, anti-business and noncompetition state there is, period. We are forced because of this to pay the highest price for anything in existence, except maybe air.

The state caters more to tourists than local people because they keep bleeding them for more taxes, fees and expenses. The poor local people are left with not having enough monies to barely survive, even after sometimes working a second and third job. It’s sad! The county just keeps putting more roadblocks and added expenses on the developers until they pull out, and again leaving the locals with a housing crisis.

You go to these so-called community meeting and the majority all have their piece of the pie but don’t want anybody else to share. Soon Hawaii will be only for the haoles with money. It’s shameful!

Steve Kear