Hiring practice at airlines makes no sense

An issue regarding airlines using our airport was recently brought to my attention that I think needs to be looked into and changed, if possible.

Evidently, one — if not more — airline company will soon be inviting prospective employees to apply for highly coveted flight attendant positions. This is great news.

However, I also learned that people who are currently employed by the airline in various positions are not given any special consideration in hiring. This makes no sense to me.

There are people who have gone through training, know the company’s — and the airport’s — policies, have already been cleared through in-depth background checks, who don’t get in-house consideration before posting the jobs to the general public. When the current employees move ahead — an employment incentive, as well as a cost-saving measure — the new employees from the general public will fill those positions until such time that it is their turn to move ahead. Most successful companies hire from within their vast pool of employees.

The airline gets flight attendants who are already part of their ohana. Seems like a win-win to me, but that’s just my opinion.

Joan Sherry