Lahaina pool locked with no explanation

The Lahaina swimming pool is one of the special hidden secrets of Maui/Lahaina. Morning aquasize classes frequently cater to 35-70 eager participants guided by talented, long-serving volunteer leaders and there are many more frequently in the swimming lanes.

The pool is particularly important for older people and those with mobility challenges. It is a really valuable and essential part of our well-being. We are very thankful for it.

The pool requires attention. It needs better management. Three times in the last 10 days, eager pool participants have found themselves staring at a locked gate. There was no forewarning and no sign to describe the reason for the pool not opening as scheduled. On Jan. 2, the pool information phone line message was for Dec. 31. The web page indicates the pool is open now and closes at 4:30. The emergency number 870-8208 rings busy for hours.

I think all users recognize there can be emergencies or needs for maintenance, but surely the management of this important resource can find a way to send an email to forewarn people of closures, and hopefully they can manage their manpower better to ensure there are less closures in the future.

Terry Gibson