Letter about former college dorms leads to memories

Reading the Dec. 20 letter of complaint makes me sad, angry, and brings back a lot of memories.

In the late ’70s, when the dorms were still occupied by students, I was the groundskeeper, mowing the lawns, pruning the hedges, and generally keeping the place in decent shape. Eric Fredericksen was in charge, and lived on the grounds with his little son. He and his father, Walt, and his mother all taught at the college. I took classes from Erik and Walt. Now Eric operates an archaeological service.

Now, look at (what’s left of!) the place! Hedges grown into trees, buildings falling apart — what happened to the plan to have students trained as chefs there, and have people come and pay to eat their food?

So many useful things could have been done with the place: a halfway house for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics; a shelter for the homeless; low-cost housing for families! What do the people responsible have to say?

David D. Slocum