Oppose Navy’s plan for warfare practice in S. Maui

As Maui residents who love our island and beaches, please write to oppose the Navy’s plans to expand active warfare practice in Maalaea Bay in South Maui. Write to oppose today as comments close on Jan. 10. Comments opposing this military madness can be submitted by email to Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific, Attention: Project Manager NFPAC-Receive@navy.mil.

The most recent census shows the population of South Maui is over 26,000, the 12th most populated region in the state of Hawaii, not counting part-time or visitor populations. Maalaea Bay and South Maui have many people using our beaches and waters every day. Maalaea Bay is where endangered turtles nest, endangered monk seals rest and sun themselves, and the endangered humpback whales give birth annually. Plus our ocean reefs are rapidly dying and the beautiful tropical fish are almost gone making Maalaea Bay a highly environmentally sensitive area.

This massive intrusion into our coastal nearshore waters, public shorelines and public spaces has lots of significant impacts — cultural, environmental, etc. — including the expansion and normalization of militarism in our communities. The military has miles of uninhabited beaches and lands to conduct their training all over the world. Why would they want to intrude on the public sector and destroy the delicate ecosystem and tourism in Maui? Please reconsider your locations and leave Maui alone.

Mary Dungans