Provide universal trash pickup for residents

When Mayor Mike Victorino announced that the Maui County landfills will once again be opened on Sundays, I could not help but feel a warm glow in my heart as I quietly said “yes” to myself. I was deeply moved because I recalled the numerous quarterly community cleanups that I participated in with the then community organizer Jan Dapitan. However, I eventually informed Jan that I will not be helping anymore because I felt that we were just spinning our wheels every quarter by picking up trash that was largely generated by “locals” instead of tourists.

In lieu of picking up trash, I began lobbying County Council members and the mayor to enact an ordinance that would provide universal trash pickups for everyone in Maui County. At the time that I began lobbying for universal trash pickups, the fee was only $6 a month. Unfortunately, our elected officials were not interested because they did not want to raise taxes to pay for such services out of the general fund. Sadly, as the fees increased, more and more people canceled their optional trash pickup service. Many of these residents, in turn, began dumping their trash illegally instead of the at the county landfills.

Mr. Mayor and council members, please come up with a plan to provide universal trash pickup service for residents of Maui County. Our beautiful islands badly need your help.

William T. Kinaka