Take a deep breath and reconsider Trump

What is it with the never-ending criticism of the current president? I can’t go a day without seeing a letter or bumper sticker attacking Trump. What has he done that’s so bad?

Surely not the entire fake Russian collusion narrative? Is it that he wants to control illegal immigration? Without it we have no country. He has a legitimate birth certificate. Is that a problem? I think we need to take a few deep breaths and consider this president in comparison to the last four or five.

Kudos to the Dec. 28 letter regarding the lack of enforcement against illegal fireworks. Ever since Thanksgiving, bombs have been going off at dusk in Kahului. The letter writer is correct about our pets being terrorized and running away. Two nights a year is plenty. Now it is a regular event. Maybe the police could make a public service announcement that this crime will be actively investigated and prosecuted.

Steve Smith