There is no wall around Nancy Pelosi’s home

Responding to a Jan. 10 letter writer’s contention that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a wall around her home and is therefore a hypocrite when she claims a border wall is immoral, please fact-check before you spew.

There is no wall around Nancy Pelosi’s home. The photograph that accusers claim shows Speaker Pelosi’s house, that they use to “prove” she’s a hypocrite for opposing Trump’s attempt to seal off the U.S. from Mexico and points south, is in fact a photo of the “Queen Anne,” a mansion at 2724 Pacific Ave., Pacific Heights, a wealthy part of San Francisco. Speaker Pelosi has never owned nor lived in that house.

But take heart, you who shout “Hypocrisy!” Speaker Pelosi’s red brick, wall-less house is in the same neighborhood and can be seen from one of “Queen Anne’s” wraparound porches.

Mary Lawrence