Trump defenders suffering from their own disorders

Trump is Trump, probably suffering from one or more brain anomalies. What’s the point of criticizing or ridiculing someone who is damaged? The same cannot be said about the senators and representatives who continue to defend the president, pretending that everything is fine — in fact, better than fine. Or, as President Trump recently said: “Peachy dory.”

These men are probably not suffering from brain abnormalities, but disorders of the mind and personality. These men bear a heavy karma, because of the damage they cause, not within the country, but within themselves. The best part of karma is that it is the executioner that protects its victim. Protects, until it is time to get what one deserves.

These hollow men — including Mike Pence — are never to be trusted. Every culture has a moral tale about someone selling his soul to the devil in return for temporal or temporary reward. These men have given over their integrity, judgment, conscience, believability and convincingness for real or imagined power, security, material objects and esteem. These men are really shadows. Enemies of the state. Serpents of dissimulation. Men who suffer from reptile dysfunction.

Raphael O’Suna