Walls don’t make good neighbors

Good fences make good neighbors, according to Robert Frost. Walls do not, plus they do not work.

Let’s start with the Great Wall of China. It didn’t stop the Mongols. How about the Berlin Wall? I have actually guarded the border between east and west. That wall had machine gun emplacements to kill those who tried to cross it. Guess what, thousands did it, even with the threat of death. So those who love the idea of a wall — you have the same thinking of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics — they loved that wall. Guess what, the people tore it down.

The idea of a wall stinks of Vladimir Putin, not American thinking. Of course there is evidence of collusion — not yet at least. If you believe the orange tyrant, you remind me of the German People of 1932 Germany who did nothing to stop Hitler, even encouraging him. You are as afraid of anyone who doesn’t look like you or believe the same as you. You are not the people I went into the Army to defend, you are my enemy!

James Hoover