Criminal bomb makers on Maui need to be stopped

Criminals on Maui build and set off bombs here, most recently around New Year’s. It was terrifying to hear how one of these explosive devices is made, from a credible person I know who knows a bomb maker. These criminals themselves, innocent passers-by and anyone who happens to be around one of these bombs going off could easily be killed or seriously maimed.

Our police and lawmakers need to wake up to these facts. It is not alarmist to suggest we need help from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Making bombs is a federal offense, a Class A felony. Why is this allowed to go on on Maui? If the ATF was notified that criminals are making bombs and setting them off in our residential neighborhoods, I trust they would respond with appropriate measures, including bomb squads and arrests. As they should.

I urge Maui residents to join me in reporting to the ATF website that bombs are being made and set off here. These dangerous explosive devices are strictly illegal to make, possess and set off. The ATF encourages citizens to “see something, say something.” This is “hear something, say something.”

Maui residents twice a year hear huge explosive devices exploding, and our lawmakers and police say they cannot do anything. So it gets worse every year. The next round will be the weeks leading up to July 4th, when huge, concussive bombs — not firecrackers, not fireworks, but bombs — will be set off in our neighborhoods.

Jerome Kellner