KCA on alert to testify in support of student safety

Two unrelated but prominent current concerns of the South Maui community are serendipitously related by their very close physical proximity and expected action this month by the state Land Use Commission (LUC). With no official announcement nor agenda, which offers a week’s notice before a meeting, published, we have encountered many indications over the past few months. So the Kihei Community Association (KCA), our all-volunteer, unfunded nonprofit (www.gokihei.org), is on the alert.

What we expect, possibly in Kihei, are two public meetings concerning the LUC condition imposed over five years ago for a safe over or under pedestrian/bicycle route to the new high school as well the marathon Pi’ilani Promenade, aka mega mall, land use actions. The two adjoining locations are only separated by the Kulanihakoi River gulch, mauka the highway in north Kihei.

We continue to support the required safe passage to the school under the highway and expect the volunteer commissioners, all new to the LUC since the action was taken, will do the same. We are very disappointed with the Department of Education, now seemingly joined by the Department of Transportation, trying to sidestep the imposed condition by choosing to misinterpret the intent of the LUC and the implied threat of a delayed school opening. We encourage the entire county community take part to testify to the LUC in support of student safety.

On the other matter we await hearing what the Dallas-based landowner now proposes for these lands.

Mike Moran, President

Kihei Community Association