Legal gambling does not benefit education

You are right in opposing this movement (Today’s Editorial, Jan. 11, “Stay away from legal gambling”). It is a smoke screen. It does not benefit education as advertised. The proof is in the small print, hidden in political agendas.

I live in the state of Michigan. We have had the lotto and now casinos for many years. It has done nothing for education. True, all the proceeds from the lotteries go to fund education. What you are not told is that the dollars that were used to fund education before the lotteries were taken away for other uses. Result: Education receives no additional funding through the lotteries. The politicians just get more money to fritter away on pet projects and the bureaucracy.

Once established the control goes to a lottery commission. The is no limit to the number of games, the cost of the games or the changing of the odds of the games. Look at the Powerball and Mega Millions. The cost of these games has doubled. The format of the games has changed to decrease the odds of winning. Yet people play on in hopes of becoming rich. What started out as $1 or $2 scratch-offs has evolved into at least 30 different games, some costing upwards or $20 per ticket.

Hope you find this information helpful in your fight against this scheme.

Bob Hill

Grosse Ile, Mich.