Low-cost housing could serve company, residents

I wish to herald the coming of the farm corporation, Mahi Pono, taking the place of the A&B land. This is good for Maui.

I make a suggestion: The newcomer might seriously consider the early development of low-cost housing, village style, for their employees. I hope they will further consider building some low-cost housing in the same area for the island folks that have the serious need for it.

The outcome can be magical. Over time, as the farming effort grows, so we will have a cadre of people there ready to service the corporation and their workers. I envision a grocery store, a barber shop, a postal station, a gas station, an emergency ambulance, a farming equipment maintenance place and so on. You know, build a town. The corporation benefits, so does Maui County and so will the Maui residents.

Mahi Pono, welcome to Maui.

Pippo Schillaci