Politicians seek to advance at expense of constituents

Politicians are indeed a privileged class of folks. They can announce they are going to seek a career advancement and run for higher office such as president of the United States. During this one- to two-year endeavor, they will be allowed to receive their full government paychecks along with their generous government benefits.

Running for higher office is time-consuming and energy-demanding. These politicians will not be able to devote the time and effort required to attend to their constituents. If regular hardworking Americans, such as a schoolteacher, police officer or registered nurse, wanted to pursue a career advancement, they would typically have to make that effort during their evenings, weekends, vacation time or leave of absence.

Career politicians think they are entitled to not show up for work when it suits their agenda and still get a paycheck. It does not work that way for us regular folks. If career politicians want to run for higher office, that’s just fine, but they should do it on their own dime and on their own time, not at the expense of their constituents who expect full-time representation. U.S. senators and representatives should forfeit their paycheck when they announce they are running for higher office. Politicians should have no more benefits and privileges than the average hardworking folks they represent.

Phil Winter