Shutdown is all part of a political system

“It’s just another manic Monday,” sing the Bangles. The federal government had a partial shutdown for over a month. Eight hundred thousand federal employees didn’t get a paycheck — Congress wrote a law to make sure they get it later.

This shutdown is all part of a political system, much of which is based on corruption and money, which inevitably leads to mania.

Alternatively, in Mauitopia we will all do what we love and resolve disputes in a reasonable, non-ego-based manner.

In 2009 I wrote the pamphlet, or mini-book, “Creating Mauitopia: Making Maui a Real Paradise” (updated edition available for free at

In the last decade I’ve endured being called an idealist and an unrealistic dreamer, who wants to create a “pie-in-the sky” community.

I hope to someday become mayor of Maui and bring into fruition this first large-scale utopian society. We will make Maui truly no ka oi.

Many unreasonable and seemingly impossible dreams like landing on the moon have been realized.

This month I turn 57 years old. After graduating with honors from Stanford University with a degree in computer engineering, I was a Silicon Valley executive. I got 704 votes in a past election without raising any money.

Having lived on Maui for 25 years, I hope that in my lifetime I will live in Mauitopia. In Mauitopia every day will be a “Sunday, ’cause that’s my fun day.”

Ori Kopelman