Surprisingly, Trump was the bigger man for once

Trump ends shutdown! “He gave in. He caved. He lost. He is defeated,” screams big brother at his audience.

“We won. We were right. We stood strong. We are good,” chants big sister’s screaming mob.

Yes, he “gave in” for the good of the 800,000 government workers going without their paychecks for over a month. Yes, he “caved” to keep our airports open and the IRS and the FBI and U.S. Coast Guard operating. And surprisingly, he was the bigger man for once. He showed some humility and some class.

If he gets credit for ending the 2019 shutdown, then he will win re-election in 2020.

He’s already made border security and illegal immigration national priorities, fulfilling a major campaign promise. It’s the other party that is fighting for “open borders.”

He’s put two conservative Supreme Court justices on the bench in just two years. And he may get to add a third soon. He has fulfilled many of his 2016 campaign promises and his supporters are growing more vocal.

“He won. He’s a genius. He’s amazing. He’s the man,” the people say quietly to each other.

Mark Kanae Smith