Bob Kraft deserves small release and pleasure in life

Leave Patriots owner Bob Kraft and other men like him, and the bathhouses, alone. On social media almost every week we see a fundamentalist preacher or a Catholic priest accused of sexual assault. Almost always on minors — defenseless children. Why? Because they are absolutely sure the human sex drive, having been developed over a million years when we were in one form or another, is evil. Says who? The perpetrators of this evil philosophy do it under the guise of religion.

We are aware, according to studies, the human male thinks of sex, on average, 35 times a day. And they sleep eight hours. Without release, this strongest among our drives perpetrates unending violence. Even a casual observer can see the relationship between sexual repression and violence. Just look at ISIL.

In many countries in Asia relief from this burden had developed in the form of bathhouses. Beautiful places where a woman can make an extraordinary living giving these men some relief. What would you have these women do? Pull guts from a chicken at $5 a day? I know what my choice would be.

Our prohibition only encourages child sex slavery. If we do not separate sex from procreation, this planet is doomed. And a 77-year-old Bob Kraft deserves this small release and pleasure in life. When will we throw off these ridiculous religious based constraints? Soon, I hope!

Susan McGreivy