For a small island, heinous crimes will get worse

Our island is not too spread out. It’s a small island. For a small island, heinous crimes will get worse. Nothing new. Not blaming anyone, however with more people moving here and drugs coming in, with all kinds of temptations and cost of living being insane, there will be more burglaries, all kinds of sex crimes, home invasions, it will rise.

So, Maui’s selling paradise nonstop like a factory pumping out whatever to the masses. Social ills are prevalent all over the island. It’s not uncommon to see a person wigged out on God knows what relieving himself in public. Behind the warm, sunny marketing of the HVB, MVB or whatever lies behind the scenes is some ugly crap.

What’s the solution? Money? A good heart? There’s no real solution. Only bandage solutions. All I can say is keep your kids informed, teach them self-defense. Men, look out for your wahine if she pau work late, there’s a lot of psychos lurking out there. No joke. I’m serious, no joke.

Ronald Sambrano