Imbalance apparent in judicial system

As mentioned previously in letters to the editor, knowledge of the felonious crime of terroristic threatening was absent prior to being arrested for it. In a simple act of self-defense, I prevented the threat of bodily injury by a man much larger by presenting visually a kitchen knife and it worked quite well. No language was exchanged, no harm was done.

An extensive punishment ensued. Nine months behind bars, three years’ probation and four years’ parole, not to mention the scar on my otherwise spotless criminal record. Luckily, I had $10K, the going price for a prominent attorney in Honolulu to spring me out of prison early. A seriously harsh result of a seriously minor harmless incident, if I may. Those who follow criminal statistics printed regularly in this newspaper know how absurd this is.

Am I looking for a shoulder to cry on? No, just an exposure of the imbalance and/or favoritism apparent in Maui’s judicial system.

To think I was sentenced to five years in prison for smoking pot, probation violation is laughable, especially when the presiding judge was Mr. Drug Court himself. A picture with added notes of judges and Drug Court graduates published Feb. 22 triggered this one.

Surely this is public record, help yourself, I encourage it. After all, I am a convicted felon, therefore a threat to society. Also, I’m a 42-year Maui resident.

Jeffrey Blagus