Mahi Pono offers chance for farmers to get ahead

Regarding the letter printed Feb. 22: Let’s let Mahi Pono do what they want to do with the land. It’s theirs, not yours. We have a lot of farmers in Kula and elsewhere on Maui. Competition is getting rough. Farmers markets all over the island sell vegetables and fruits and some go home with extras (no sales) but the price is high. Local Kula onion is same as sweet onion but cheaper.

I’m not a vegetarian but do respect the people who are. Mahi Pono needs input on the use of the land, but remember it’s to make a profit, not to fit your style of living. You got to look outside of the box and visualize the future of Maui. From what is known, they will be leasing land out to the public. Here’s the chance for farmers big and small to get ahead.

Rudy Sumabat