Mayor’s actions do not support what he writes

Family values guide us as we move county forward, written by Mayor Mike Victorino, could not be further from the truth. The recent actions of Mr. Victorino the past two weeks is a good example of his work. “Our County,” written by him (Opinion, March 1), shows how it’s all being covered up and leading readers to think everything is OK.

To support giving the water to corporations after “the people” have worked so hard for so many years to gain back what they have lost is not good family values. Reappointing directors that have for years repeatedly used their positions of power to support corporations and developers and not the people is not acceptable. The charter was developed to stop the “good ol’ boy” machine. His actions do not support what he writes.

Mr. Victorino also had the nerve to talk about the taro and how it relates to family. He threw the taro farmers under the bus days earlier by flying to Oahu and testifying his support of the water being taken away from the actual taro farmers, giving it to a large corporation to grow what they want for profit! Completely opposite of what his article is about.

I feel lost for words that he thinks we “the people” are so stupid to fall again for these tactics.

Deborah Lynn May



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