Move toward improving quality of our ocean water

Maui County is going before the Supreme Court of the United States this fall on a case that would allow the county to continue to pollute our ocean. Our almost 3 million visitors and Maui residents are drawn to the island by beautiful beaches and ocean water that is safe for swimming and fishing. The continued pollution of one of our great assets, the ocean, is akin to planned self-destruction.

The ocean water quality in much of Maui does not now meet state standards and our continued pollution violates the federal Clean Water Act. Money spent on litigation is not in any way improving the life quality for our visitors or for our residents.

With a new mayor and many new County Council members there should be some consideration to changing poor past practices and use our scarce resource to move toward improving ocean water quality in lieu of fighting to continue decisions of the past.

Maui, please support the federal Clean Water Act!

Harry Hecht