Stop transporting inmates from Hawaii to the Mainland

Prison Fellowship Hawaii has programs to help prisoners restore lives and families broken by crime and incarceration, and to become productive members of society upon release, ultimately creating safer communities for us all.

Together, we can create a prison culture conducive to restorative justice and successful re-entry.

Volunteers and employees must empower corrections professionals to exchange innovative ideas and best practices for the moral rehabilitation of inmates.

Meanwhile, the religious programs and studies have led the way to help prisoners become productive members of society upon release. Also, they have influenced the culture of prisons to effect real change in individuals and create safe places of rehabilitation, mission repair.

Provided additional funding is available for these programs, volunteers, staff and inmates will see greater changes in the institutional climate! Inspiration from previous corrections experts on effective moral rehabilitation transforms the hearts and minds of inmates and employees. With 40 years of prison ministry, I have ears and eyes that heard and saw the devastation of children separated from incarcerated parents in the Mainland.

Together, read the “The State of Aloha” by Ben Lowenthal in the March 8 Maui News. He stated, and I agree, “the state is addicted to locking people up — people who don’t necessarily pose a real or significant threat to the community.”

It’s unhealthy! It is dysfunctional — socially, economically, politically and morally. Transporting inmates disrupts the community and in many cases creates more criminality. Long sentences do not fight crime! Mission Hawaii repair!

Rev. Henrietta Pua Hashimoto