Time for the rebirth of the birther movement

According to former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, in 2017 President Trump appeared to be operating under the influence of the Russian government and could even have been a Russian agent. Could the president of the United States be a sleeper agent?

Sounds like the plot for an airport paperback. But then there is the man himself.

What kind of proof is there? How about the fact he attempted to undermine our chief strategic alliance, NATO. How about picking fights with every one of our allies, even Canada? How about his secret meetings with Putin, the minutes of which he was at pains to bury? How about half of the leadership of the Trump 2016 campaign going to jail for lying about their contacts with Russian officials or their surrogates? What about the fact he keeps marrying Eastern European women? Do they remind him of mom back in the homeland?

How do you spell traitor?

Five years ago Trump installed himself as the birther-in-chief and challenged the legitimacy of the Obama presidency. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot and demand Trump to produce his long-form birth certificate to prove that he is not a Russian sleeper agent. It should not be much of problem matching up his baby fingerprints with his current ones because they say his hands have not grown that much. Let’s see if they match.

Let’s see the proof, Comrade Trumpovich.

Dave DeLeon