Trump is comically impotent and psychologically deranged

Americans are aware of but do not reckon the significance of the group of dark souls who have surrounded Trump. Men in power, who possess selfish, materialistic and separatistic attitudes, purposes and goals, have always gathered less powerful men around them, but those who possess equally ruinous ambitions, aims and desires. History has shown that it takes a group to seize and retain power, but also to invoke the externalization of widespread evil.

Even a casual observer of history can name a handful of the shadowy figures who enabled Hitler to carry out his inhuman plans.

Ex-KGB murderer Putin was weaned on the hierarchical necessity of attracting and promoting men without conscience. Large-scale violence requires a group for effectuation.

Within the Christian era, but not limited to Christian countries, kings, Caesars and emperors have seized power through force and fiction. Often retaining it through subsequent generations. The force came from a group; the fiction came from the promulgation that the leader was chosen by God to act as an intermediary between heaven and earth. All that was good came through the leader. His opulent and ostentatious lifestyle, his right of force, his arbitration of justice confirmed his God-like identity.

America is run by small-time gangsters. It is led by a Gilbert and Sullivan buffoon. A clown who imagines himself to be omnipotent and omniscient. But he is so comically impotent and psychologically deranged, that only the dwarfish subserve him. For this we can be thankful.

Raphael O’Suna



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