Bill is really about having water for Maui County

Upcountry Maui needs water for our people and to restore agriculture in central valley, yet recent articles about HB1326 seem to make it only about A&B. This bill is not about having water for A&B — it is really about having water for Maui County, for our people and for the future of agriculture.

I have worked for a long time for HC&S and can honestly say that they are a very good company! They care about the aina and our community. Even after HC&S closed, A&B is trying to make sure that there is water for Upcountry and, also, so that crops in the central valley can return.

I was a supervisor involved in the water system, and it is not fair how some people are making it seem that it’s only about A&B wanting the water. I am writing because the only voices I hear are people who are not from Maui, professional advocates who don’t farm yet threaten lawsuits that only make money for lawyers and result in people like me and my friends and our community losing. We need HB1326 HD2.

Sheldon R. Biga



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