Civic complex placed above the real priorities of county

On March 29, I had another opportunity to share my opposition against the proposed Wailuku Civic Complex. Our brave new County Council members Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, Tamara Paltin and Shane Sinenci tried to stop the project, but the carryover council members were unmoved, despite many testifying against it.

I had hoped our council members would see the blaring injustice of placing a parking structure and civic center above real priorities in our county. Too many questions surrounding this project remain unanswered. How will they handle increased traffic congestion? Do Wailuku merchants understand that the county will increase property taxes to pay off this project, which translates to higher rents for them? Will our taxpayer dollars be recovered by the supposed business boom, including a Marriott in this small area?

The problem with the system is that by the time people get enough information to really make informed decisions, it’s too late. I’ve seen so much unnecessary overuse of resources. I’m just sick of it. The worst part about it is this trade-off hasn’t resulted in sustainable, good paying jobs. Our island is stuck on this never-ending merry-go-round, chasing the lead horse that’ll never be caught. Let’s please stop the cycle and start challenging what’s being fed to us. Why is this necessary?

I’m thankful to council members Rawlins-Fernandez, Paltin and Sinenci for truly representing and speaking up for us. We need to support these council members and continually lift them up, they are our voice!

Farron Cabral