Devoted Scrabble player inspired to write to Hasbro

As a longtime devoted Scrabble player, I was recently inspired to write to Hasbro, the manufacturers of this popular board game, to ask if they produce or would consider creating a version of Scrabble for those with impaired or no vision — a kind of Braille version, using the Braille alphabet.

The idea came to me when a lady with whom I play, whose job involves driving for people who cannot drive, told me that on our next play day, she would be bringing along a lady who “does not see too well.” My friend did not know if her companion could or would want to play with us.

Hearing this, as a retired teacher, it occurred to me that being able to play Scrabble with persons with similar conditions, or those with no visual impairments, would open up a whole new world of communication for a great many people — much like learning to read, writing and converse does for those previously lacking these skills!

I look forward to hearing what Hasbro, and other Maui News readers, think of this idea.

Dave Slocum