It’s up to people of Maui to say no to civic project

It will be interesting to see which County Council members vote for the biggest publicly funded swindle on Maui in a generation — $124,695,026 in taxpayer money to subsidize 1,500,000 square feet of development with a value of $265,000,000. Nine hundred and thirteen residences at $500,000 each, 543,000 square feet of commercial space, averaging $475 a foot which requires continuous construction through 2048.

This is made to benefit developers from the Mainland and Honolulu, not the people of Wailuku and Maui. They and all small business in Wailuku will be gone. You could spend much less than half to revitalize historic Wailuku for its people and all of Maui for real economic, cultural and environmental sustainability on Maui.

What’s more, the money spent on this takes away from important things our island needs for its very survival.

Must we become a suburb of Honolulu and lose that which we cherish the most for the benefit of a few?

It’s up to the people of Maui to stand up and say no. We love our island and we are not here to destroy it.

Nor are we here to be controlled like so many sheep in a pasture.

Nicholas James Drance



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