Maui Tomorrow on wrong side of HB 1326 HD2

I strongly support the water bill HB 1326 HD2. We need it for the transition of agriculture from A&B to Mahi Pono LLC to work. There needs to be a transfer of the system in an integrated way and it takes time to accomplish this with continuous supply of water provided. This is a guaranty for continuity that helps you attract farmers to invest in ag. Ag is a long-term proposition and we need that transition to be supported by the community and our leadership at the state level.

Please stand up for bills that support Maui’s ag future. If you intend to support this bill then I encourage you to speak up in the media within your social network and educate the public because Maui Tomorrow is emailing a lot of people and misinforming people and they are winning the argument on false information.

Please, senators, reach out to your constituents and educate them and be involved with this important community issue. Maui Tomorrow is on the wrong side on this one and I am sad they are jeopardizing this opportunity we have with Mahi Pono to bring ag back to Maui in a more sustainable way. I am actually a former Maui County planner responsible for the farm plan requirement of 51 percent of ag zoned land be in ag use. I am all about ag.

Maria N. Isotov, Land Planner

Maui Land & Water Planning LLC