Plan for road dedication, infrastructure needed

Our neighborhood has been frustrated for over 10 years, applying and complying diligently to get the county to dedicate our roads. However, no roads have been dedicated in Maui County since I have lived here, even though a (I’d call it fake) dedication process exists.

We gave up trying over two years ago. If the county doesn’t take responsibility for our roads, the county passes liability for all infrastructure maintenance to the homeowners in my neighborhood. Last year, Kulamalu slurry-coated our roads, which was not cheap, signaling more and higher maintenance costs in the future as our neighborhood ages.

Bill HB288 is now up for consideration by the state Legislature. If this bill passes, here’s a worst case scenario — if major infrastructure repairs were to be assessed on my neighborhood by the county, these assessed costs would have to be paid by homeowners. My homeowners association has not set aside money to repair the sewer, water supply systems, street lighting, because we had been told that the county would dedicate our roads years ago. If such an assessment were to happen, I would have to sell my home and/or move to another state. I could not afford to pay these crippling costs!

A plan for road dedication and road infrastructure must be made a priority by Maui County asap!

Amy Muramatsu