Politicians who promise free things plan to enslave you

In today’s political arena there are many Democratic Party politicos who espouse socialist benefits and values. However, they never tell you that the father of socialism and communism was Karl Marx as outlined in “The Communist Manifesto.”

Lenin then took the communist ideals further as Marx had proclaimed. He was the father of forceful conversion of the Russian peoples through torture and death.

Lenin believed that the capitalist countries such as the USA could be forced into communism through incremental steps. First, a one-party system would be created to eliminate any political dissension. You would further corrupt the capitalist way of life by gradually taking away the freedoms of people. There is a redistribution of wealth of those people who diligently work to get ahead in this world and give it to those who have no desire to contribute to the current way of life. So regardless of how hard one works to get ahead, your personal wealth is taken from you through extremely high taxes which pay for social freebies.

The fallacy of this deception is that not everybody is equal. The only individuals who benefit are the party politicos in charge of the political process.

Once people become acclimated to this government control then the politicos take socialism to the next step. They use fear, intimidation and death to keep people in line for the next step which is communism. Just remember, nothing is free. Those who promise you many free things are preparing to enslave you.

Abelardo Corella