Revival of Hawaiian culture must return to its origins

“The beginning of wisdom is the awe of Jehovah and the knowledge of the Righteous-Pono Ones is understanding” (Proverbs).

Why go back to Hawaii’s “Dark Ages” of oppressive religion? Revival of Hawaiian culture must return to its origins when love ruled in hearts and minds.

Existing to this day are those that know “the mystery” of the One-True-Living-Creator God-‘I; ‘Io-Jehovah.

Evident in the Spirit of Aloha, Hawaii’s first inhabitants worshipped ‘Io. Ancient Godly priests resigned from their positions refusing to worship false gods of the evil kapu-system forced upon them.

Sworn to secrecy upon fear of death, their knowledge was imparted to selected children known as the “the Pono Ones” to protect the knowledge of ‘Io.

The chosen ones were to “Keep these things secret! . . . In the days when the seventh angel is ready to blow his trumpet, God’s secret plan will be finished. This plan is the Good News told to His servants” (Revelation).

God’s faithful “servant” Henry Opukaha’ia inspired foreign missions. This played a significant role in Hawaii becoming a nation that led the world in literacy and human rights.

Hawaii experienced one of the greatest Christian “Awakenings” ever recorded. Two centuries later, Opukaha’ia’s testimony of Christ is still changing lives around the world.

Understand, the wisdom and knowledge of the Righteous-Pono Ones is “The mystery hidden for ages and generations . . . which God has for all people. This truth is Christ” (Colossians).

Michele Lincoln