The best political system will borrow from others

In the opening days of the 20th century, Eugene Debs asked: “What is socialism?” His often quoted answer was: “Merely Christianity in action. It recognizes the equality in men.”

Of course, those of wealth and power have never stopped frightening the lightly informed with the specter of communism, which is as distinct from socialism as is capitalism. Debs never made the following point, but I will: The system that will ultimately lead to progress, a fairer distribution of wealth, better social services, better protection of the planet and its health, greater opportunities for peace and less fear in the world, will inevitably be one that borrows the best of each of the systems of capitalism, communism and socialism. This is not to say that the changeover will be easy throughout the world. Dictators, monarchs, tyrants, right-wing military leaders and the rich, powerful and venal among us will fight against justice, equality, fraternity with their last shekel. But where there are safe and fair elections, the process toward high principled change — despite the ownership of the media by monied self-interest — can move forward quickly.

Raphael O’Suna