Visitor amazed by local solution to Kihei traffic

After several trips to Maui we found this time we needed to drive more than the other trips. We made many runs up and down South Kihei Road, as well as other parts of the island.

Kihei road is low speed but has high traffic volumes. This makes left turns on and off South Kihei Road at uncontrolled intersections quite challenging. I was amazed at the local solution. Drivers, when it is safe to do so, simply stop and wave the waiting vehicle to turn. It works amazingly well.

What a common sense and accommodating solution. Talk about the spirit of aloha. This really makes visitors feel welcome and we pick up the same driving habits. When common sense and common courtesy seems to be at a premium it is so nice to see it at work.

It really does make Maui no ka oi.

Gordon Stewart

Calgary, Alberta