We cannot let ourselves be desensitized by Trump

When I was young, I remember on TV, Groucho Marx’s “You Bet Your Life” being canceled because it was too risque. Then the Smothers Brothers for the same. Elvis was only shown from the waist up. Ladies had to be considerably more dressed. Swearing was not tolerated. Movies like Alfred Hitchcock would not show the actual horrifying details.

I was not for the Gulf War because I knew when it would start the deaths would make the front page, but as time would go on those stories would be moved to the second or third page. We now have a president who has broken many of our presidential norms and challenged many laws of the Constitution, embraces dictators, alienates our allies and has done it over and over again. Only one president ago this would not have been tolerated.

The public is getting too used to the absurdities on a daily basis of this president. This is one of those things we can not let ourselves get used to.

Timothy Gunter



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