Yes, Donald Trump is still ‘our man’

An April 2 letter writer asked, “Conservatives, is Donald Trump still your man?” She implies that Trump is a man of questionable moral character who should not be trusted as the president of the United States. However, has she ever considered just why America voted for him in the first place?

The other candidate was offering “more of the same.” Whatever else his faults, it was apparent to voters that Trump was simply not another insider who would not be any different than the others. He offered some hope for change, and that “trumped” all else in the last election.

Yes, America voted for Trump, warts and all, because we were sick and tired of both parties giving us no substantive change. He is “our man” because now is not a time for politics as usual, but a time to fight for what made America great in the first place.

Dean Schmucker