A simpler idea for eliminating gas tax

The Legislature considered doing away with the gas tax and charging vehicle owners per mile of driving in a year with their registration. This makes a lot of work at the DMV as they now have a different cost for almost every automobile they register. I got a simpler idea.

Charge electric car owners a premium for their registration. Now, how much? Average miles per year driven is about 10,000, average gas mileage per car 25 so gallons not used by electric car is 400, times that by the 16 cents in gas tax and it is $64. Charge them that much extra for their registration.

Now, another problem with charging per mile is the gas guzzler. Driver A drives 9,000 miles per year and gets 30 miles per gallon so he uses 300 gallons of gas. Driver B drives 9,000 miles per year but only gets 15 miles per gallon so he pays twice the gas tax but in the new way to pay for miles driven he pays the same. We are trying to lessen our carbon foot print but telling the gas guzzler its OK to pollute.

Steven B. Ashfield



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