‘Amazing accomplishments’ of Trump not listed in letter

I have to agree with the April 11 letter writer that the media hasn’t given our president his due for “a number of amazing accomplishments” which the writer did not mention, so I will.

In just two years, he’s made Nixon look not so bad and made Bush II appear almost articulate, quite an achievement. Proven the adage that anyone (well, at least a white male) can be president, including concrete-thinking 8th-grade bullies. Achieved an amazing record of temporary employment for White House advisers, staffers and Cabinet ministers. Demonstrated both flexibility on issues, often changing policy positions from tweet to tweet, and transparency as the public learns of changes at the same time his administration officials and military do.

His tweets show that social concerns, such as “Saturday Night Live” skits and the bloodlines of a female senator, are as important as North Korean disarmament. He’s joined the Harding, JFK and Clinton frat for observation of marriage vows. While his party controlled Congress was unable to repeal Obamacare but now can use it as a campaign issue in 2020, blaming Democrats, an achievement of political genius. His eloquent command of the English language has inspired the nation’s teachers of logic, speech and elementary school spelling.

The unemployment application rate, the lowest since 1969, reported by The Associated Press and printed in The Maui News the same date as the letter, is omitted as it’s from the lying media and cannot be trusted.

William Ogle



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