Article gives a distorted impression of death doulas

The article in the May 5 paper regarding Fay Block and Heather Parsons was so deeply biased that I was shocked at that kind of reporting.

It not only took the side of the prosecuting family, with no research into both sides. But further, it painted death doulas as criminally intended vultures, waiting to rob innocent dying people. Death doulas are trained to be a comforting presence for the dying. Often loved ones are in denial, or so personally grief stricken, that it is hard for them to be with the process of the dying loved one. In other cases, such as this one, the children are estranged.

It was not until way down in the article, that the defendant’s position was mentioned, and then, only briefly. The article quickly returned to its fear-based leaning in support of the allegedly victimized family.

I know both Heather and Rob Parsons as very caring people of high integrity who live with an ideal of service toward their community.

I also know of what an amazingly supportive organization Islands Hospice is. Islands Hospice is also being charged by the Block family.

I hope this kind of reporting is not indicative of anything that The Maui News supports.

Aerie Waters



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