Article shows newspaper’s ‘lack of professionalism’

In reading the article “Caregiver subject of wrongful death suit” published in your May 5 edition, I was disappointed on the lack of professionalism and the lack of review and editing by The Maui News. Accusations were made that were not correct, and if investigative journalism were to have taken place, the information in the article would have been very different. Such as, was Heather Parsons interviewed for her perspective and understanding? Was Islands Hospice interviewed? The answer is no, they were not.

I believe the issues presented in this article are valid and need to have public information — however, from a perspective of real information instead of sensational journalism. The article was unfair to both Heather and Rob Parsons. I have known them both for decades and they are honorable, compassionate people with integrity.

The service of those who serve the dying is very important. Our society needs people who see this need and respond. It is a path we are all going to be on, and we will be blessed by those who serve us during this time of transition. Of course there is a need for prudence and common sense, however most people who offer their heart and effort in this area are pure intentioned, and the stigma that this article provides gives a very different perspective.

The Maui News should be ashamed for the lack of quality in its work.

Jason D. Groode



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