Council’s efforts to protect reefs cheered

As a nonprofit organization working for healthy coral reefs, clean ocean water and abundant native fish for the islands of Maui County, the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council is grateful for the recent ways that the Maui County Council has demonstrated a commitment to protecting our local reefs and nearshore coastal areas.

From supporting visitor education programs about reef protection to advocating for improvements to our county’s wastewater management, our County Council is taking meaningful steps for our reefs.

These steps are important for Maui County’s economic well-being. Visitors love Maui’s beautiful marine environment and often cite it as an important reason for choosing Maui over other vacation destinations. Investing in our reefs and ocean water quality is an investment in Maui’s ability to attract visitors.

It’s not only the visitor industry that benefits from healthy coral reefs and clean ocean water. Residents benefit, too. Healthy reefs help protect our shorelines and our coastal infrastructure — including roads, homes and utilities — from storm surges and erosion.

We all value clean ocean water, whether you snorkel, dive, fish, swim, paddle, surf or enjoy leisurely days at the beach with your keiki. Conversely, we all experience negative impacts from poor ocean water quality including brown water conditions and bacterial infections. Clean ocean water is good for reefs and good for people.

Mahalo, council members — keep up the good work!

Robin Newbold



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