County doesn’t listen to public for community plan

I just had to laugh when I saw that the county is asking for the public’s input for a community plan. How stupid does the county think we are? They really don’t care what we want. Half the crap that is going to be built is already on the books from 20 years ago.

The county never follows through with rules and enforcement of projects already built. A prime example is Launiupoko: ag lots that have been subdivided, and 99 percent of the landowners are renting out through VRBO and Airbnb. They have been paying minimal land taxes since they are zoned ag — no enforcement.

Even when lands are zoned whatever, the landowners can always have the zoning changed, even though it was not in the “community plans” that were from 20 or 40 years ago. So, community plans are useless as far I can see.

So, County of Maui, do you really care what the working class of Maui really wants, or are you just appeasing us and pretending to listen to us?

Maybe if you had listened to us 40 years ago, Maui would not be screwed up with crazy traffic and lack of really affordable homes, etc.

Susan Campos