Cut college to fund more lunar dirt

Trump wants to cut Pell Grants for poor kids’ college to fund NASA’s return to the moon? What for? Been there; done that. Given that there will always be more to learn about Earth’s moon, there are certainly better, less political/military things to do with the kids’ college money.

I grew up reading space travel science fiction and I served on an ICBM launch crew in the ’60s, so my love of rockets to space goes way back. If you are going to cut education — which strikes me as a very bad idea — at least use the money to explore, robotically, the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn. We know the conditions for the creation of life still exist there. And it would be cheaper than lugging some unnecessary humans back to a dirt pile we’ve already been to.

Our dear leader is a clueless “Lord Fauntleroy” with a serious lack of vision — possibly because he cannot see around his mirror.

Richard “Oli” Olson



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