Headline shows bias over release of Mueller report

“Trump tried to control, end probe” This was the headline in the April 19 Maui News, the day after the Mueller report was released.

What a giant surprise. After two-plus years of almost nothing but biased headlines, I ask myself this. Why would responsible journalism show up in The Maui News now?

The only kudos I can give the paper on this issue is that they did not use the word “damning” to describe the report. The word “damning” seemed to be the talking point word of the day that the Democrats gave to all of the media to use on Friday.

Here is what a nonbiased newspaper might have used as a headline: “Mueller report shows no collusion for Trump.”

But like most of the major media, a headline like this does not fit the leftist narrative.

Lastly, while I’m taking The Maui News to task, for crying out loud, hire someone that does not have such a dark view of our country to pick the daily political cartoons.

Bill Botts



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