Here’s a reason to be rabid about getting vaccinations

It’s stunning to me that folks shrug off vaccines as a option not just for their own kids but are willing to put at risk pregnant women, babies and others. Time and time again, science has proven them to be effective in preventing diseases which cause paralysis, deafness, neurological diseases and in extreme cases death.

As a 4-year old, I spent a long time in the hospital with polio with other kids in iron lungs — a frightening memory. I don’t know/remember what happened to them, but I do know they didn’t come home from the hospital when I did. And, deafness caused by a case of the measles in those days meant my little neighbor couldn’t go to our school anymore. Jonas Salk and others pioneered the vaccines which prevent these kinds of tragedies.

Please don’t be the cause of your kids, or others, getting these diseases.

Donna M. Howard